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California Laws

September 8, 2020

Freedom of Speech In and Out of the Workplace

By Patty Chen, Esq. In this age of social media and the current climate in America, people are engaging more and more in political discourse in the …

September 8, 2020

Regulatory Compliance for Personal Protective Equipment (“PPE”)

By Ara Babaian, Esq. and Durdana Karim, Esq. The manufacturing and distribution of PPE is a growing industry allowing the supply of essential medical and non-medical equipment …

May 5, 2020

FAQs for Employers During COVID-19

By Muhammed Talal Hussain, Esq. and Patty Chen, Esq. The world has entered a phase with no known precedent, dealing with a worldwide pandemic, where people who …

May 5, 2020

Family Law in the Time of COVID-19: Living under One Roof

By Anna S. Karczag, Esq. These are very challenging times and even more challenging for those who are in the midst of a divorce, a custody dispute, …

February 5, 2020

New California Laws in 2020

By Justin P. Karczag, Esq. and Patty Chen, Esq. As we welcome the new year, we also usher in the changes to California’s consumer protection laws and employment laws that …