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Employee and Contractor Matters

Whether it’s a small business or a large corporation, properly addressing employment-related matters is an essential part of running a successful enterprise. Employee problems can be extraordinarily detrimental to the bottom line of a business. Employment litigation can be wasteful, both in terms of time and money. The best way to avoid this waste is to have systems in place that avoid problems as much as possible. Encore Law Group protects its clients by identifying potential issues and developing strategies and policies to mitigate them.

Employment matters that the attorneys at Encore Law Group typically address include:

  • Employment Agreements
  • Employment Offer Letters
  • Workplace Policies and Handbooks
  • Confidentiality and Inventions Agreements
  • Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Commission Agreements
  • Bonus Plans
  • Employee Handbooks

Since one of a company’s most important assets is its work force, oftentimes companies choose to grant some form of equity ownership or other form of non-equity incentive program to employees and contractors. Encore Law Group also advises both employers and employees with respect to equity and non-equity incentive compensation such as stock options, restricted stock, profit participation plans and cash bonus programs.