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Outside General Counsel

Companies with an in-house legal department have general counsel who guides the business through legal issues before they become legal problems. Most companies, however, do not have an in-house legal team and often wait for a problem arises before seeking the advice of an attorney. Therefore, legal issues that may have been quickly resolved often become legal headaches. The attorneys at Encore Law Group often act as outside general counsel for many of our clients, giving our clients a virtual legal department.

As our clients’ outside general counsel, we coordinate all of our clients’ legal needs. We handle many of the legal issues that our clients have and seek outside attorneys for issues that require particular expertise. By utilizing a proactive approach to their legal needs, our clients reduce the overall cost of legal issues, while avoiding the fixed expense of having an in-house legal department. With the broad experience that Encore Law Group’s attorneys have in representing companies both big and small, we are able to spot issues and guide the client through a minefield of potential legal problems.