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Startup Companies

Working with startup companies means working in a multi-practice area that combines corporate, securities, employment, tax and intellectual property law.

While starting a new business can be an exciting time for an entrepreneur, filled with hope and opportunity, it also can present legal challenges that can result in costly mistakes if not done properly. Starting a business involves a number of legal issues, including what type of entity to form and where to form it, how to raise capital for the new business, employment and contractor matters, and how to protect the name, goodwill and other intellectual property of the business. Another challenge startups face is often unpredictable costs. Encore Law Group offers a startup package for new businesses that addresses both sets of challenges by providing the legal services, filing fees and consultation for a flat fee. The startup package includes advice and formation of an entity, advice and drafting of required documents relating to capitalization of a startup, matters relating to hiring employees, independent contractors or consultants, and registration and protection of intellectual property including trademarks.

Having represented many startups and entrepreneurs, we understand the importance of budgeting a new business venture. Therefore, Encore Law Group is able to structure the pricing for its legal services in many ways that a traditional law firm is not able to do. Like our entrepreneurial clients, we see ourselves as nimble business people who like to promote innovation and new business, thus improving the local and national economy and creating employment opportunities.