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Contracts and Business Transactions

Contract Drafting and Negotiation

When parties enter into a contract, they generally expect that all the parties involved will do as they are expected and that there will be no conflicts or disputes.  Unfortunately, this often is not the case.  Even the most well-intended contracts can result in a dispute that can devolve into costly litigation.  Often,  the items that are in dispute are not the main terms of the contract, but the terms that the parties thought were minor points.  Disputes also can occur when there are misunderstandings or ambiguities in the terms of a contract or, for that matter, missing provisions.

Encore Law Group advises its clients during the negotiation process to assure that its clients maximize on the available opportunity.  After negotiations are complete, we draft the necessary documents to assure that the contracts accurately and unambiguously reflects our client’s intentions and that our clients are best protected if a dispute does arise.

Business Transactions

Business transactions come in many forms, such as the purchase and sale of a business, joint ventures, and private placement transactions in which a business is raising investor money.  Each transaction presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities.  Encore Law Group guides our clients in their negotiations and drafts contracts and other documents for these transactions to best advance the business objective and avoid legal pitfalls, while maximizing on available opportunities.  We understand that the best legal strategy in a given transaction is one that is consistent with and best serves the business’s ultimate objective.  Using our extensive experience in managing legal business transactions, we work closely with the client to maximize the opportunity presented by each transaction and we do not apply a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

Mergers & Acquisitions:  Buying and Selling Businesses

Encore Law Group works with both entrepreneurs buying or selling their first businesses as well as with seasoned businesspeople who are familiar with the nuances of engaging in these types of transactions.  We have handled business sales and purchases in numerous industries, including restaurant, retail, fashion, beauty, wholesale food production, manufacturing and other fields.  We handle the transaction from the letter of intent phase, through the due diligence period, and ultimately all the way to documenting the transaction and closing the deal.

Joint Ventures

Oftentimes business parties want to join forces to engage in a business venture either on a short-term basis or on a long-term basis.  Encore Law Group has handled many joint venture transactions, both with domestic and international parties.  These joint ventures may require the formation of a new entity, such as a limited liability company, but it also may be simply a contract pursuant to which both parties are agreeing to provide resources and mutually profit in the same business endeavor.